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Results Based Services

Brigholme understands how important a timely and budget-sensitive plan is to the successful completion of your workspace projects. We are conscious of this when we design, specify, order, assemble, install, move, repair, store, inventory and maintain your product. Using skilled workplace design consultants, coordinators, project managers and installation technicians, we bring efficiency and value to your project.

Other quality Brigholme services include: product installation, move management, cabling and wireless management, telephone installation, product refurbishment, product reupholstery, product disposal and surplus product brokering.

CAD Specification

The right design sends the right message, both internally and externally. Efficient utilization of space combined with a focus on aesthetics communicates a company’s values without speaking a word. Our Design Services team will work with your independent design team to create the space that works best for your individual corporate culture.

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Using our integrated design and specification tool, we are consistently able to respond faster, easier and more accurately to your requests by creating drawings and specifications simultaneously. Coupled with the use of the most current Canvas and  AutoCAD® software, 2D and 3D drawings are specified with proprietary online manufacturer catalogues that are always up to date. Removing the redundant “in between” steps common to standard practices, Brigholme’s Design Services Department gives you the tools to stay one step ahead of change.

Operational Services

Brigholme understands how important a timely and budget-sensitive plan is to the successful completion of your workspace projects. We are conscious of this when we design, specify, order, assemble, install, move, repair, store, inventory and maintain your product. Using skilled CAD specialists, coordinators, project managers and installation technicians, we bring efficiency and value to your project.

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Project Management
Effective project management is as much about anticipating problems as it is reacting properly to them. Our project managers are among the best in the industry. Each and every day we help to deliver projects on time and on budget, showing our communication skills and leadership along every step of the process.

Installation Programs
Our in-house group of dedicated and manufacture certified installation technicians provide you with the best professional and courteous service possible. Fulltime service technicians with fully-equipped service vans are also available for emergency service requirements. Brigholme‘s delivery and installation services constitute a complete solution for accomplishing your moves, changes, and new-product installations on schedule, assuring the proper functioning of all installed assets, and orienting your people in the effective use of their furniture and workspace tools.

Intermarket Program
Our intermarket program, a network of longstanding partnerships cultivated over the years with other Preferred Haworth Dealers, installation companies and service firms, allows us to service your office needs anywhere across Canada, the United States and throughout the Caribbean.

Ergonomic Consulting
We design ongoing programs that support health and safety management by auditing your employee work processes.

Moves & Reconfigurations
Our operations team will conduct space plan analysis to minimize real estate requirements and maximize re-use of existing furniture. Provide all moving boxes and equipment carts; as well manage your move co-ordination.

Warehouse and Storage
Recommend an efficient short term or long term strategy to satisfy all of your storage need in our secure 33,000 sq ft warehouse. Our Intermarket Program allows us to provide clients who have offices across North America and beyond the same level of warehousing management, with Brigholme facilitating all necessary reporting. In addition, custom plans include monthly asset location and transfer reporting.

Workplace & Furniture Detailing
Our team of professional technicians will perform furniture tune-ups, key and chair service, panel cleaning, wood touch-ups and furniture wire management service.

Standards Program
By developing company-wide furniture standards for your organization, you can control purchases, manage assets and respond to the changing needs of your business efficiently and cost-effectively. Brigholme has the technology and expertise to assist with assessing needs, developing a program and executing that program through the use of our online tools. The online capabilities allow users to see and select only the products available through the program. Once they select which items they need, an order request is generated and sent to a designated individual in your organization for approval.

On-Going Service Support
Our relationships with our clients do not end once the furniture is installed. Brigholme maintains a full-time service department that is available to service products throughout their useable life. Our service manager works closely with each manufacturer to order parts for service work covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Brigholme will also set up a maintenance program to proactively service the furniture in your facility. We also provide loaner furniture when necessary and will warehouse excess furniture.

Structured Cabling & Wireless Services

Your cabling system is the foundation that transparently runs all of your business applications. The Brigholme team of experts has extensive experience in designing, installing and managing projects of all sizes. Having worked in both traditional ceiling space as well as raised access flooring environments, our experts ensure the job gets done right, securing your physical infrastructure investment.

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We supply and install twisted pair and fiber-optic cable as well as wireless point-to-point, multi-point and internal access points. All installations are tested and certified to the latest industry standards.

Brigholme provides authorized installation services for:

  • AMP/Tyco
  • Leviton/Superior Essex
  • Mohawk/CDT Hubbell
  • The Siemen Company

Consultative Approach
Our staff has the knowledge, experience and commitment to assist clients in making cost-effective decisions on cabling infrastructure and service requirements. Our dedication to innovative solutions and our commitment to the tradition of quality and client satisfaction have enabled Brigholme to build an impressive clientele in both the public and private sectors.

On Site RCDD Staff - Trust the proven Knowledge of a BICSI RCDD
RCDD certification requires an individual who has trained and tested to the highest degree of telecommunications design knowledge known in the industry. The RCDD is independently tested, demonstrating a thorough knowledge of codes and standards/best practices in the ITS industry. An uncertified designer may not possess this expertise.

What can a RCDD offer your company?
The RCDD status conveys instant advantages over the competition:

  • A professional designation of excellence
  • A highly regarded status recognized and mandated by many private and state organizations
  • A noted mark of design knowledge valued internationally

Why is an RCDD critical in the building design process? Click here to find out

Structured Cabling
A Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) is a complete collective configuration of cabling and associated hardware at a given site, which once installed provides a comprehensive infrastructure. This course discusses Pathways, Spaces, Firestopping, Codes and Standards which are a core focus of the designer.

Upon request, Brigholme can provide a site survey to facilitate accurate quotes and provide assistance in designing a network to meet your needs. Installation of unshielded twisted pair (UTP) data cabling at a certified category 5e or 6, voice cabling or fiber-optic cabling are just some of the services provided.

Outside Plant
Our trained technicians provide outside installation services for UTP or fiber-optic cabling in a campus environment covering both aerial and burial installations.

Line of site wireless communications has become a cost-effective way to link remote Buildings, provide roaming capabilities for users and provide wiring alternatives for hard to cable buildings and spaces. Brigholme has invested in providing trained technicians and engineers that can determine whether wireless is a viable solution for you.

Brigholme offers a broad range of services addressing all your cabling needs including:

  • Data Center Design
  • Gigabit Validation
  • Moves, Adds and Changes
  • Network Recertification
  • On-Site Technical Representation
  • Problem Resolution
  • Project Management

BICSI Member
BICSI is the worldwide leading training organization for the structured cabling and telecommunications industry. Brigholme is committed to following training programs and partnering with manufacturers who follow BICSI’s rigorous training programs.

Brigholme technicians, consultants, and project managers have completed the following programs:

  • Hubbell Mission Critical Certification
  • Leviton/Superior Essex NEXTLAN Certification
  • Mohawk/CDT SystemMATE Certification
  • Siemen Cabling System Certification
  • ITS Design Fundamentals – Structured Cabling Systems
  • Data Center Design Consultant
  • BICSI ITS Installer 2
Online Asset Management & Procurement

Often, business events drive the need for furniture asset Workflow Tools management. SnapTracker™’s flexibility allows a company to get started during whatever phase it is in, and to adapt and grow (or simplify) as circumstances change. SnapTracker™ enables furniture best practices to be applied throughout the asset’s life cycle. An inventory of your existing stock and order ready standards are accessible online with Haworth’s MOSAIC portal.

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A program aimed at providing our customers a consistent user experience, utilizing a tool designed to meet unique customer needs.

The mission of Mosaic is to provide tools necessary to create, track, measure and validate Facility and Real Estate performance.

To accomplish this, Mosaic offers a comprehensive suite of web-based tools enabling collaboration with online product standards, estimating tools, eProcurement (with punch-out), service management, asset management, key performance indicator reporting, document sharing, and training.

Storage & Warehousing
Recommend an efficient short term or long term strategy to satisfy all of your storage need in our secure in-house 33,000 sq ft warehouse.

With Snap Tracker™ we can build warehouse best practices into your system, meaning that your warehouse management will be disciplined and specific to the unique needs of furniture systems. How furniture is identified is key to how useful the data can be for inquiry and reporting purposes later. We work with you from the very beginning, helping you to train warehouse staff in the art and science of furniture asset management.


Brigholme Interiors Group understands the financial needs of today’s businesses and offers solutions tailored to each client’s particular situation. From basic financing to furniture rentals to life-cycle leasing, we can develop financial programs to help you meet the challenges of growth and change while maintaining a positive position.

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Our financial services include budgeting, procurement, financing, leasing, rental, and asset management and disposal.