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Markets Served

No matter where or how you work, Brigholme can help you create great spaces.

In order to develop solutions for your workspace, we first have to understand your challenges. We listen to your ideas, learn about your unique culture and processes, and then share our experiences to help create the best solution.

Our experienced, professional project teams work closely with you to create an adaptable and sustainable environment that performs for your people and gives you flexibility for the future.


Brigholme Interiors Group has help thousands of companies create great workspaces. From start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies, our solutions can be tailored to meet your needs. Our solutions range from high-end wood casegoods, to benching and modular storage systems. Whatever your company culture is, we can create the right space for you.


Brigholme Interiors Group has the products and knowledge to help you create great places to learn. We’ve developed a number of product applications that support activities in learning and teaching environments. We have numerous solutions for classrooms, lounge areas, cafeterias and learning labs. Schools have special needs and we have the right solutions for the learning environment.


Government agencies have a tough job, balancing a demanding workload with being good stewards of taxpayer dollars. It doesn’t matter what branch of the government you work in, it’s not easy.
Our goal is to make your life easier. The Brigholme team understands the buying processes and requirements at all levels of government and we can help make it smooth and seamless. Let us help you create the kinds of spaces that your workers need to keep our Ministries and municipalities running strong.


Healthcare is all about balance. It’s about creating a supportive environment where patients can feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues with providers and family; where staff stress and distractions are reduced while concentration levels increase. It’s using thoughtful and creative solutions to improve the health and safety of patients and staff, support work flow and, importantly, manage costs.

A balanced healthcare environment allows all of these elements to work together, forming a total healing environment for patients, families, and staff. Whether it is cultivating a healing culture or making your facility more efficient for providers—we can help transform how you deliver patient care.