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Our Process

Our process begins with you. Our manufacturing partners make it. Brigholme makes it happen.

How we go to market


We see this as the overarching philosophy and process that sets in place a team structure and disciplined process with associated principles of jointly shared risk/reward that will create a virtual organization linked and aligned to your goals for the project. Distinctively from the start until well after the project is complete Brigholme understands the nature of change and will remain with you for any on-going service requirements that might come up.

Our process begins with you

We invite you to experience our unique process of approaching commercial interior projects.  Brigholme projects start by having our team of professionals sit at the planning table with your team.  By creating a round table discussion in an Integrated Delivery Process, the planning, design and implementation processes integrate all team members’ input and participation.  Together, we understand your needs, the culture of your workplace and your challenges.

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Our experience in creating organic work environments, understanding sustainability, worker ergonomics, lighting and technology, allows us to create spaces that mirror your culture and maximize worker and organizational productivity.  Our services are robust and focus on the items that help your organization leverage the office environment.

Brigholme Interiors Group creates organic and current workspaces using our knowledge and research of how people work around the globe. This knowledge is designed into the products we sell and built in to the spaces we play a part in creating. Solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate for a completely adaptable and flexible work environment. We pride ourselves in maximizing efficiency and performance for the employees, facility and organization. We do this through our unique service delivery perspective, leading-edge sustainability efforts and the products we provide on a daily basis.

Streamlining Project Implementation

A new office or a renovation of an existing one shouldn’t be a headache. Working seamlessly with contractors, engineers, sub trades and other stakeholders, our Project Management team is involved in every aspect of the product.  They are your onsite point of contact from our team. We utilize advanced project management software and effectively communicate daily activities, progress reports, schedule of work and punch list items.

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Reconfiguration Costs
Our adaptable workspace solutions can be reconfigured again and again as your business needs change. When compared to conventional construction, this can reduce the time and costs associated with churn by as much as 90%. In addition, intelligent space utilization allows a footprint to accommodate up to 25% more people without feeling cramped.

One Source
As the single point of contact between you and the most important office interior manufacturers, Brigholme offers a vast selection of quality products. Our experience in different market segments gives us a unique perspective on how products perform best in specific workspace environments. We take into account the function, aesthetics and cost, and develop a solution that will match your needs and exceed your expectations. In addition, our products have the technological and design flexibility to meet your needs today and into the future.

Architectural Products
Architectural products are the building blocks of our adaptable workspace solutions. Through customized integrations of technology, architectural and furniture elements, an adaptable approach delivers stunning workplaces that you can occupy quickly, operate efficiently, and change easily as your business evolves. It can be quickly assembled and disassembled for fast and streamlined reconfigurations. Workspaces can quickly adapt to emerging needs and anticipate change.

Project Management
Expert project management is a core component of every workplace solution we provide. We thoroughly analyze and plan every situation; anticipate problems and develop “what if” actions; keep you up to date on project status; and implement fully—on time, every time. Our in-house group of project managers and installers are dedicated to make sure your facility gets up and running quickly and efficiently. We have the knowledge and experience to effectively stage

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Process

The Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process starts with an inclusive dialogue with all of the stakeholders of the project from the onset. By actively participating in the delivery of the process all are on board with the needs of the customer, translating that into smart and effective work solutions.  This unique approach identifies and eliminates waste and non-value activity, continual monitoring, thereby saving time and costs that can be invested in quality and other building assets. Read more on the benefits of the IPD process.

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IPD Benefits:

  1. Achieve Target Cost Design.
  2. Overall project acceleration.
  3. Facilitating the creativity and innovation that can only be achieved by diverse multi-disciplined teams working together from the earliest stages of the project.
  4. Reducing or eliminating RFIs and Change Orders.
  5. Eliminating silos and independent agendas by aligning one team to the project success goals based on a risk/reward. Project Success Characteristics are defined up front and the team is fully aligned and committed to defending these as the single collective goal shared by all. Evidence shows that team members will begin to step outside of their normal realm to support and assist others if they feel that the project will be enhanced.
  6. Building Trust between the parties that leads to ownership, collective accountability and mutual respect and support
  7. Allowing more specialist knowledge to inform and support the design decisions early in the project and deliver superior results.
  8. Increase onsite productivity and effectiveness of trades and installers.
  9. Continuous learning and knowledge transfer that will enable a continuous improvement throughout the project and on all future undertakings.
  10. Shared risk pool and accountability that will reduce associated fear-based defensive behaviors.