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Bluescape™ - 160 Acres of Visual Workspace

Date: September 4, 2013

160 ACRES OF VISUAL WORKSPACE. Haworth Bluescape™ is the first of it's kind, introduced at NeoCon 2013, awarded Best of Competition and Gold. Your ideas are limitless with this interactive visual whiteboard.


Bluescape™ is an infinite, collaborative workspace designed to accelerate decision-making by enabling anyone to create, communicate, visualize, organize, and strategize virtually anything, anywhere, anytime. Through this new technology platform, decision-makers and product development teams are able to improve global communication and problem-solving with teams and executives around the world.

Operated on cloud-based software, Bluescape™ can be accessed on multiple devices, including large-scale, high-definition, multi-touch screens: iPads, laptops and mobile devices.

See what 160 acres of visual workspace looks like:


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