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Fife House Denison Renewed by Generous ARIDO Donors

Date: November 17, 2014

Brigholme's Dayna Bradley and Mahesh Babooram (Interface) begain the ROI (Renew, Originate, Impliment)  initiative with ARIDO  in 2013.The objective of the initiative is to assist an organization or charity through the improvement of an interior environment where essential services and support are being provided to Ontarians.

Fife House Denison is a residential housing program that provides 24-hour support services and housing to 5 individuals living with HIV/AIDS. As the beneficiary of the 2014 ROI Initiative (Renew, Originate, Implement) of ARIDO, the house  received a complete main floor renovation.  This included a new and expanded kitchen, a new barrier-free bathroom, and new flooring, fixtures and furniture. All materials, services and furnishings have being donated by members of the association.